New alpha-amylase enzyme released

CTE Global Inc. announced the launch of a new alpha-amylase (α or AA) enzyme product for performance-minded ethanol producers—AMYL-LP.

The alpha-amylase enzyme breaks down starch during primary and secondary liquefaction (slurry and liquefaction). At any given solids level, alpha-amylases reduce the Degree of Polymerization (DP) by breaking links between chains of dextrose molecules, while increasing the Dextrose Equivalent (DE).

Plant trials have shown lower viscosity levels and more efficient liquefaction, reducing the required amount of energy (heat) to achieve solubilization.

AMYL-LP is the latest expansion of CTE Global’s portfolio of enzyme products for the ethanol industry, developed to address the needs of modern plants. CTE Global has made innovation in this field its mission and continues to answer producers' calls for market-oriented enzymes.

Learn more about AMYL-LP or contact us to discuss a trial process.

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