We work hard together! We play hard together!

Just a few reasons why team building is important:

1) It's an investment (teams feel valued and work well together)

2) Opens up communication among ALL team members (not just the ones most commonly interacting)

3) Celebration (teams can often get caught up in the losses and forget to celebrate the wins, and HIGH FIVES are most definitely a form of communication :) )

4) Competition (which leads to PRODUCTIVITY!)

5) Laughter (can we say HEALTH BENEFITS???)

6) Get to know one another better (on a personal level; you don't have to be best friends but you might discover you have something in common)

7) Try new things... together (great learning experience for a team that hasn't tried something before and builds confidence)How have you participated in team building exercises?

Contributed by: Natasha Schuchmann

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